Andalucia Steve the dream

Seonyx is the name of what is now my primary business.

I did escape from I.T. once but it dragged me back. I thought perhaps when I sold my half of in 2006 that I might just be able to continue on the money I had and the association I had translating for a local real estate agent.

A divorce and the collapse of the Spanish property market into which I'd become a little too over exposed put paid to that idea. Amazing how the job, money and house vanished almost before my eyes.

After a brief financial panic that saw me labouring on building sites and busking in the local market, I eventually had some sense knocked into me by my new partner Anne-Marie who suggested I moved in with her and returned to I.T.

I thought long and hard for a name, but for some reason the word SEONYX came into my mind.

I wanted to begin by offering Search Engine Optimisation as this had a shallower learning curve than the return to software development would entail. The fact that SEONYX not only had the keyword 'SEO' bundled in in but also several other words as well was intriguing. SEO NY ONYX ON EON are all dictionary words. How many other words of six letters that you can think of that have five words embedded in them? It also seemed more than coincidence that my initials are SE and oynx is a valuable materila from which jewellry is made, as is gold from which my surname Gould derived. The portents kept mounting. While there is limited value in getting hits for 'EON' and 'ONYX', traffic is traffic and no publicity is bad publicity, so I chose that as my company name. It sounded as though it might catch on...

Seonyx noun Sé·on·yx (-iks)
The science that deals with the behaviour and control of words and phrases that determine search engine positioning.

My good friend Tessa Schlessinger kindly helped me with the design of a colour scheme and soon I was on my way. It's amazing how one can start up a business these days with zero money!

My first sizeable contract came with the design of a real estate portal for the Olive Press newspaper here in Andalucia. I was disappointed not to be able to host this myself. At Datadial we hosted everything in house, and the repeat revenue from hosting was how we grew as a company. I knew in order to grow I needed to get back in the hosting business.

Fortunately there are many more reseller options available today so after a lot of trial and error I settled on two main reseller agreements. The main one, is primarily aimed at the Windows platform and the other is primarly aimed at linux.

To complete the set of guns in my arsenal I decided in 2012 to 'bet the farm' on the content management system 'Mojoportal' It's almost impossible to design web applications from scratch these days, so everyone uses some kind of framework. Mojoportal is the one I'm most impressed with. It is open source, and written in C#, which is a language I'm comfortable with. It allows me a massive amount of flexibility with few limitations, and when I work with it I can feel the enourmous stability of the platform beneath me. When I work with it it feels as if I'm standing on the shoulders of giants!

So now I'm a fully operational web developer with my own hosting platform.

As well as developing new websites for companies like CSV the Voice, whose new version in Mojo will be out really soon, and Midas for whom I recently built the eShop for PAT test equipment, I'm also busy developing plugins for Mojoportal for sale to the Spanish market (can't give to many details at this stage - careless talk costs lives!)




I also manage a weekly electronic newspaper covering a wealth of topics in tech and business: