Andalucia Steve the dream

This menu is devoted to the online tools I use most often, just in case I can't access my bookmark manager for any reason.

Just hover over the menu item to see the list of tools.

I'm pretty resistant to tool change. I started to use PSP4 in the mid 1990's and still use it on my 32 bit machine. Was gutted to find out it wouldn't run on my 64bit machine so installed a virtual Winxp 32bit just so I could use it if I ever needed to. I never have.

Similar story for my text editor, I got Ultraedit when it was at version 8 and never liked the subsequent upgrades, especially went all windows based. I'm using Notepad++ now but still miss some of the features in UE. Anyway things move on I guess. There was a time when I couldn't live without VI.

Like the old command line Unix dog I am, I prefer a set of small utilities that do things well rather than a swiss army knife that claims to do everything but rarely does.

I'm pretty happy using VS2015 right now. I've used most of the previous version and always had a deep-seated mistrust of it, as I have of all I.D.E.'s though this version seems the most stable ever and hasn't let me down in a big way yet.

I'm also using Android Studio which is a pretty frustrating experience after VS but interesting all the same.